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Since the kitchen and bathroom sinks have to process an abundance of materials of a different kind, it’s not that hard to see how these drains tend to slow down due to clogging, backing up or similar.

Those materials are quite different and range from water and soap to food waste, grease, and hair.

Common issues with pipes

  • The most common issue with pipes is a leaked or clogged pipe. Luckily, here at Trey Hyatt Plumbing, we can either repair or replace any possible pipe issue you might have, ranging from a damaged sewer line to a simple leak under your kitchen sink.
  • Another issue that may occur is if the pipes freeze. You’d probably be surprised, but that can happen even here, in Florida. The main issue with the pipes freezing is the fact that if that happens, the most likely outcome is that the pipes would burst.
  • Last but not least, if you’re planning to do a complete makeover of you piping system, we are here to assist you in doing just that. All we need from you is a good idea, everything else can be taken care by us, from a simple repair to a complete makeover.

Additional services we provide

  • In addition to any issues with pipes, we provide a wide array of different service related to plumbing. Repair or replacement of sewer pipes frankly isn’t the job that literally anybody wants to do, but we understand that a leak in the sewer pipe or septic waste pool could destroy your yard, which is why we do it.
  • Septic tank lines can get clogged or get roots interfering with the flow, but we here at Trey Hyatt Plumbing, know everything there is to know about that kind of issues, and we are ready to tackle any potential problem that may arise.
  • If you’re having issues with Sump Pump, Ejector Pump, or Grinder Pump, which unfortunately can happen, please do not hesitate to give us a call – the number is there, on the top right of your screen.
  • Water heaters repairs or replacements is another service that we are more than happy to provide. WE can tackle any issue you might have with your water tank, whether it’s an electric, gas or a tankless water heater. Most common issues with your water heater that may happen are building up of calcium, a broken thermostat or an electrical malfunction.
  • Faucets can be a tricky piece of equipment to repair, or even just replace, but here at Trey Hyatt Plumbing, we have more than 25 years of plumbing experience, which will ensure that we tackle any issue with ease. If you notice that your bathroom faucet or kitchen faucet is leaking or malfunctioning, it’s probably the best course of action to give us a call, especially if you want to prevent any potentially impactful damage to your house.

Common questions about plumbing & pumps (FAQ)

  • Can I install a toilet in my basement?
    This course of action is possible, but it would be beneficial if you’d give us a call and check where the drain lines are located. If they are located in the level above the basement, you’d probably have to get a grinder pump or a macerating toilet, in order to install it in the basement, with practically no fuss. Many units can deal with other water-based waste, so a full bathroom could also be an option.
  • Should I get copper or plastic water pipes?
    While many plumbers tend to get you inclined usually towards copper piping, we are just going to give you the facts, and let you decide. Copper is a somewhat reliable material, and as for the plastic pipes, most of the concerns with those are actually quite outdated. What it’s meant by that is that the new plastic pipes actually prove to be at least an equal match with the copper system, while noting that copper may be better suited for small-scale infrastructure.
  • What is the difference between an automatic and non-automatic pump?
    An automatic pump has a special float switch that is built-in and will automatically turn on the pump when the water reaches a certain level. It will also turn itself off after the water level falls beneath that fixed point. As the name says it, a non-automatic pump would have to be operated manually, or by the separate control mechanism.

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