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While you may solve a minor plumbing issue in your kitchen by yourself, it’s important to realize when it’s the best time to leave that work to professionals, as you may end up with a bigger mess on your hands. Almost every homeowner has a toolbox with essential tools that will assist and enable them to resolve minor problems like replacing the drain cover or changing a worn out washer.

While some people may want to try and fix the issue by themselves, there’s no shame if you don’t want to be bothered with doing that. All you need for us to work is an idea, whether it’s a simple remodeling of your kitchen or something far more complex. You supply the idea, and we’ll supply the materials and the work.

Here are a few well-known issues that'll require you to call a professional plumber:

If the pipes associated with the kitchen sink are leaking

If you notice that the pipes around your kitchen sink are leaking, there are a few simple steps to prevent further leakage, while the plumber is on his way. These steps include turning off the main water valve if the leak is critical, but if it’s a small leak, you can use a piece of rubber or even a pencil point to secure the leak, and then wrap the electrician’s tape around the material you used to secure the leak.

Installing new appliance in your kitchen

While this may not require a professional plumber at the first glance, it greatly depends on the type of appliance you’re planning to install. For example, if you’re planning to install a new hot water dispenser in your kitchen, the process seems like an easy job, that is, right until you come up with the wiring of the heater. If you’re not exactly familiar with that, it’s best to leave the work to the professionals.

That being said, many of the standard plumbing issues, both in the kitchen and the rest of your home, can be prevented. In order to prevent potential plumbing issues, you should be wary of the following:

Plumbing maintenance

In order to prevent any bigger issues conjuring in your kitchen, you should employ maintenance and inspection schedule, where you’ll check for any small issues before they escalate. Leaks that are not easily found are usually hidden around sink drains or beneath water heaters. While this issue may seem rather small, if left untreated it may cause an abundance of issues, including forming and growing of mold and the water is not exactly good for the wood floors as well.

Most of the common plumbing maintenance tasks can be tackled fairly easy by examining the pipes for any signs of moisture. It’s important to acknowledge that if you’re living in weather conditions that create a humid environment, it’s normal for some condensation to appear on cold metal pipes. Checking for signs of corrosion is the best way to determine if these conditions are starting to cause an issue or not.

Take precaution when performing the repairs by yourself

The most important thing to do when repairing a leak by yourself is to turn off the main water valve. This may sound rather silly to you, but you’d be surprised that many people forget to do just that. While confidence that you can repair the leak by yourself is commendable, you shouldn’t hesitate to call a professional plumber if things get out of hand.

Overusing your garbage disposal

Even though many people thick that they can put virtually anything in the garbage disposal, that’s not exactly the case. Many different types of foods, like potato peels or pumpkin carvings, are not meant to belong in the garbage disposal, as they can cause the blades to stop running. Another common issue is that people tend to forget to remove the disposal plug, which can cause water to leak literally everywhere.

Using different kinds of metal for plumbing pipes

Connecting different types of metal is possible, but only if a proper connector is used for coupling.

Throwing construction materials down the drain

Even if you managed to repair the plumbing issue by yourself, don’t forget to properly dispose of all the debris and excess materials properly. If you just dump the materials down the drain, it may cause the materials to harden and as a result, block the pipe.

Remember how everything fits back together

Dissembling the plumbing components is fairly easy, but putting them back together is a whole another story. Instead of memorizing the whole process, there’s absolutely no shame in writing everything down, so you can remember it later. Kitchen faucets are especially tricky, as they have clips that have a certain way of getting off.

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