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There’s nothing as frustrating and humiliating as the foul odor from a cracked sewer or septic waste water pooling in your yard. While these are just two signs, that your sewer or your drainage system is in need of serious repair, or replacement, there are many other telltale signs.

Maintenance of a good sewage system is very important as coming in contact with the toxic waste in any form can cause serious illnesses to your family, your neighbors and people within your locality.

Causes For Sewer Pipe Problems

There many things which can cause or contribute to a break in your sewer line. The factors may cause corrosion or blockages. They include rust, grease deposits and tree roots.

Corrosion: An old sewer system is likely to rust over time because of the constant contact with water, causing corrosion which eventually eats through your sewage pipes.

Low quality materials: A sewer that was initially constructed using substandard materials is more likely to cause problems. This is because such materials are likely to degenerate or rust faster.

Blockages: This may occur when solid items are poured into the sink or flushed through the toilet system. They mostly cause grease to build up in the pipes causing blockages in the systems.

Cracks or breakages: Sometimes, your sewer pipes may be damaged because the ground is frozen or shifting soil. This could damage your sewer line. The seals between sewer pipes could be broken which would cause leaking joints that allow waste water to seep into surrounding area.

Root penetration: Another yet common cause that would cause damage to your sewage system is root infiltration. The roots of a tree near your house may permeate through your sewer lines cutting through the walls of your sewage system. This will allow septic toxic waste to seep through.

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Let Us Professionally Repair Your Sewer Lines

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It is imperative that you constantly check for the smallest sign that your sewage system could be damaged. If you notice any anomaly, contact us and our experienced plumbing and construction experts will come and check your sewer lines, and repair or replace the sewage system depending on the extend of the damage. Apart from repairing ad replacement services, we also offer cleaning and drainage services. Our well trained and experienced team of plumbing experts uses the best equipment and practice the recommended safety procedures to cater for all your plumbing needs.

Please contact us as soon as you notice any signs of damage to your sewers. If you allow the damage to escalate, you will not only be putting yourself, your family and neighbors at risk, you will also be setting yourself up for huge expenses in repairs, replacement and-reconstruction costs. However, sometimes the damage could have gone too far and in this case, it would be better to just overhaul and redo the plumbing by getting a new installation with the latest equipment because before the problem gets out of hand and finally causes irreparable damage to your house.

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